LAte 1930’s Washburn

Senorita body meets Tonk Washburn neck!


• 25-1/2" scale
• 1-3/4" nut width.
• 2-1/8" bridge spacing
• 15-3/4" lower bout
• 4-3/4" deep
• Action is 3/32" bass • 2/32" treble

Fine sounding and playing Regal Tonk Washburn. Very unusual combination! The Rosewood body, sunburst Adirondack top, and the pickguard is the same design and shape as the rare Bacon & Day Señorita. The neck is what would be found on a Washburn Tonk 5257 with ebony board, multiple laminates, and sunburst finish. Most likely leftover parts the factory assembled sometime in the late 1930’s or possibly the early 1940’s. There is no serial or model number stamped inside. The other unusual features is the Rosewood bridge ( original screws ), and the ladder braced top. When I first played it I would never have guessed it was ladder braced. It’s sounds that good. Tuners are replacements. Two long repaired top cracks. Repaired bridge plate. It’s a solid and healthy guitar. Newer hard case is included.